11 Features a Luxury Home Should Include

If you are in the process of designing your dream home, you might feel a little overwhelmed. With so many options available for every aspect of the building process, how can you be sure you make the right decision for each one? Here’s what we consider to be some of the must-haves to include in your luxury dream home.

What Should Your Luxury Dream Home Include?

Keep in mind that the following additions are not all necessities, however, in a luxury home they can make all the difference in the world. Consider adding several (or all!) of the following amenities for a truly remarkable home that’s uniquely yours.

1. Walk-In Pantry

Add a walk-in pantry to  your new home and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one! A large pantry with plenty of shelving keeps your groceries organized and out of the way while providing extra storage space. Consider adding a length of counter top and some electrical outlets, and you can use your smaller appliances in the pantry, freeing up counter space in the kitchen.

2. Home Theater

If you are planning on finishing your basement, you may want to use a portion of it to create a luxurious home theater. Complete the environment with a surround sound system, comfortable seating, and a kitchenette for snacks and drinks.

3. Outdoor Fire Pit

When designing backyard landscaping, make room for an outdoor fire pit, which can serve as both an attractive design feature and a comfortable gathering area. A fire pit provides a cozy and welcoming space for friends and family during any season.

4. Indoor Fireplace

Likewise, an indoor fireplace creates a welcoming ambiance for fall and winter evenings. With gas and electric models available in modern and traditional styles, it’s easy to find one that works with your aesthetic.

5. Bathroom Spa

Elevate the quality of your master bathroom by creating an at-home spa. Install a soaker tub, waterfall shower, smart mirror, and more to create a perfect space for unwinding.

6. Finished Basement

Even if a home theater isn’t for you, a finished basement always makes a good investment. Turn the space into a downstairs apartment, entertainment room, office space, kids’ play room, or even extra storage.

7. Walk-In Closets

Of course, no luxury home is complete without over-sized walk-in closets. Complete the look with built-in shelving and shoe storage. You may wish to consider adding an island with drawers for jewelry and sweaters–and don’t forget to install a full-length mirror. Another popular feature in custom master closets is walk-through access to the laundry room, making it easy to throw in a quick load late at night or do a fast touch-up with the iron before leaving in the morning.

8. Energy-Efficient Systems

It might not seem like one of the more opulent upgrades, but energy-efficient appliances and systems increase the comfort of your home. As an added bonus, less energy waste saves you money on monthly bills.

9. Smart Appliances

Consider investing in a smart fridge, thermostat, etc. to maximize the comfort and efficiency of your home.

10. Wine Cellar

If you love to close your day with a glass of your favorite vintage red or white, remember to include a special wine room in your design plans. Even a small space can be fitted with racks for storage.

11. Office Library

Finally, an office library hybrid provides the perfect place to focus and get down to business, or to wind down the day with a relaxing best-seller in hand. Don’t forget to plan the low-volt electrical wiring for adequate WiFi and other needs.

How to Decide What to Put in Your Luxury Dream Home

More likely than not, reality sets in and you’ll realize that you can’t include everything mentioned above. Time, budget, and space will play largely into your decisions. If you need help deciding what to include in your luxury home, use the following guidelines.

1. List each amenity in order of priority.

Decide what is most important to you and your family, and create a list that helps you visualize the items in order of priority. That way, if it all comes down to budget, you can consult your list and better choose items that make the cut.

2. Create a careful budget.

Not only should your budget include a total spending amount, but it should also include the prices of potential purchases. Make sure you divide and conquer with your budget (e.g. $5,000 for flooring, $10,000 for bathroom, etc.) to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket (spending your entire budget on the kitchen).

3. Categorize everything into “practical” and “extra.”

Another helpful tip, if you are having trouble choosing luxury items, is to make a concrete list of necessary, practical items. Identify where the practical items overlap with luxury items and–if there is money left in the budget–use it for the added luxury items.

4. Make compromises where you can.

Sometimes you might have to combine amenities. Examples of compromises include combining your finished basement and entertainment room, deciding between a walk-in shower or jacuzzi tub, etc.

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