11 Storage Solutions for Homes with Open Floor Plans

Most modern homes are now built with open floor plans.  Long gone are the days when box-like rooms defined each space and its exclusive function. Contemporary home building is all about rooms that flow into one another without any visual obstacles. Open floor plans work well for growing families and entertaining, however, storage solutions can be challenging.

Storage Solutions for Your Open Floor Plan

Consider incorporating the following storage options into your open floor plan home:

1. Dividers

Dividers break up some of the larger spaces and also provide storage options. Tables and bookcases are popular dividers and work with all styles of home decor.

2. Built-in Bench

A built-in bench near the entry to your house allows family members and guests to store shoes, purses, and other items.

3. Open Shelving

Open shelving is prevalent in open floor plan kitchens.  Open shelving in the family room can display pictures, books, or decorations.

4. Bay Window Seat

To maximize both seating and storage in your home, build a small bench with a flip-top storage compartment in front of your bay window.

5. Built-in Shelving

Consider flanking both sides of a fireplace with built-in shelves. Custom built-in shelving can also replace bulky china cabinets in the dining room.

6. Kitchen Island

In open floor plan homes, kitchen islands separate the kitchen from the dining space. They provide an extra work surface and more storage space.

7. Beneath the Stairs

The most-neglected space is beneath a staircase. You can install shelves or cabinets for holding seasonal items or, if the stairs are near the kitchen, install a small pantry.

8. Doorways

Line a doorway with shelves to save floor space and brighten up your walls.

9. Alcoves

Alcoves can hold shelving or wardrobe cabinets and can be hidden by painting it the same color as the walls.

10. Bookshelves to Hide Doorways

Hidden doors have become quite popular. Install hinges on a bookshelf and hang in place of a door. You now have a secret room and a place for books and other items.

11. Entertainment Storage

Entertainment centers can hide ugly wires and plugs and all the clutter that accumulates around your TV.  Drawers and shelves are perfect for remotes, DVDs, CDs, and the large number of game controllers that most families gather.

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