6 Keys to a Successful Meeting with Your Home Builder’s Design Center


6 Keys to a Successful Meeting with Your Home Builder’s Design CenterOnce you and your selected builder have finalized the home plan it’s time to make interior finish selections–those custom touches that make a home uniquely yours. Home buyers who approach the process unprepared will find themselves easily overwhelmed by the magnitude of required selections and available options at the builder’s design center. Take time up-front to prepare for your selection appointment, and consider the following pointers to ensure a successful outcome.

1. Set a Budget

An experienced builder can help in establishing a realistic baseline budget for the finishes you envision for your new home. Going to the design center appointment with a firm budget in mind will help guide your choices. Identify which features of the home are most important to you, and be prepared to compromise on some things in order to get the items you most want.

2. Determine & Prioritize Your Upgrades

Don’t wait until you’re at the design center to establish and rank your priorities for interior finishes. Bring a list of priorities with you so that you don’t get distracted by the dazzling custom tile accent bar for the master shower, when what you really want most is soft-close cupboards and drawers in the kitchen. Think about the extras in advance, and determine where and how you want to splurge.

3. Identify Your Style

Browse through design magazines and Pinterest or Houze to see which styles and colorways speak to your heart. Tour model homes and take note of how colors and finishes create ambiance. Once established, your chosen style often determines or at least suggests a given color palette, hardware finishes, and other fixtures. Consider the type of floor plan in the home; is it open, requiring seamless transition from room-to-room, or is it a traditional style with greater separation of spaces? The designer managing your appointment will be able to guide and make suggestions, but going into that appointment with a clear picture of your style in mind will make the selection process much more enjoyable.

4. Bring Pictures and Swatches

Be prepared to show and share your curated style boards, textile samples, and paint swatches at the design center appointment. Bring photos of furniture or art pieces you already own and want to incorporate into or highlight in the new home’s design.

5. Understand Your Lifestyle

When making selections, keep uppermost in your mind how your family will live in your new home. Do you entertain? Will your children require a play area? Where do you eat dinner? Even mundane considerations, such as how often you do laundry and how you handle sorting and folding, play into the selection process. The more you share with the designer, the better he or she can guide you toward smart choices.

6. Take Your Time

Don’t hurry through your decisions at the design center. In fact, you might want to consider choices for a few days before making a final decision. After all, your choices will have a lasting impact on your new home.

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