6 Points to Consider When Buying a Production Home From a Builder


6 Points to Consider When Buying a Production Home From a BuilderSome home buyers want full control of every aspect of their new home, from the finish and style of every sink and faucet to the type of closing mechanisms on every cabinet and drawer. Other buyers may feel overwhelmed by such a profusion of decisions that must be made and would prefer a more basic scope with which to concern themselves, such as carpet and paint color selections. When choosing to purchase a new-build, the choice comes down to a custom or production home; which one is right for you? How much input do you want in the finished product? How much time and stress do you have to allot to making design decisions? How much help do you want or need to make design selections?

The main difference between a custom-built home and a production home is that the latter has builder-selected predefined design options from which buyers select to personalize their homes. Production homes are often built as spec homes (before there is a buyer) so, depending upon what phase of construction the house is in when the buyer makes an offer, some design choices may already be off the table (for instance bath tile, if it is already installed in the home). A custom-build, on the other hand, allows for buyer selection and customization at every step of construction. The buyer controls the budget of the custom-build, so it needn’t necessarily cost more than a production home. The trade-off here is greater flexibility (or increased responsibility/stress–whichever way you care to view it) in making design selections.

Ask yourself these questions to help determine if the production-home route is right for you:

  1. Are the standard features of sufficient quality and style?
  2. Does the production-build offer upgrade options?
  3. Do you like the existing floorplans and elevations offered?
  4. Does the home come with a warranty?
  5. Are you happy with the location of the home, and would it retain resale value?
  6. What is the reputation of the builder?

Advantages of a Production Home

  • Save time and curb overwhelm by having a predefined set of design choices.
  • Production homes can cost less because the builder can buy supplies in bulk discounts.
  • Production homes are often considered good “starter” homes.

Disadvantages of a Production Home

  • The homeowner has little-to-no say in construction materials or craftsmanship
  • Your dream home may look like hundreds of others in the same area

Whether you’re looking to build a production or a custom home, we have the experience to make your dream a reality. We have nearly 40 years experience in the Denver metro area in and Northern Colorado.

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