8 Warning Signs That You’ve Picked the Wrong Home Builder


8 Warning Signs That You've Picked the Wrong Home BuilderIf you are a first-time new-build home buyer, you’ve likely discovered a few bumps along the road. Very rarely do building jobs go off without a hitch from start-to-finish. In fact, you might find yourself running into several sticky situations, one of which may even include the sorry realization that you’ve chosen the wrong builder! Sadly, your home builder can make or break the entire process, so it can be a difficult adjustment if you find yourself with that sinking feeling that you and your builder aren’t seeing eye-to-eye.

Here are 8 warning signs that you’ve picked the wrong home builder.

1. They show up late.

Respecting their client’s time should be standard business practice, if not simply common courtesy. If your builder is consistently late, you have the right to bring it up and ask them to respect your appointment times.

2. No regard for your budget

Again, this indicates a lack of respect on the part of the builder. An honest, reputable builder will do everything possible to keep you on budget. If your home builder is flippantly making decisions that put you out of your price range, don’t be afraid to speak up. No decision should be made without your consent.

3. Does not value input

Additionally, the wrong home builder will not bother coming to you for input. Since it is your home, you deserve to make the calls. Your opinion is the most important one, and if your builder doesn’t agree, remind him who is paying whom. Write your desires down so that you have more than just a verbal agreement.

4. Falling behind on schedule

The chances are high that there will be some deviation from the schedule; unforeseen problems occasionally pop up and slow things down. Nevertheless, if your builder is dragging his/her feet, continually slowing down the process, you can probably attribute that to incompetency or laziness.

5. Poor quality work

Not every licensed builder performs well. If the work is leaving much to be desired, be frank with the builder. Make your standards and expectations clear.

6. An uncommon number of mistakes

As mentioned regarding the schedule, there will naturally be hiccups and mistakes made along the way, so try not to discount a builder’s work ethic over unforeseen circumstances. However, carelessness is a different story entirely. If your builder is making mistake after mistake throughout the home-building process, the chances are high that they aren’t taking the time and care to do things correctly.

7. Lack of communication

Your builder should be continually communicating with you regarding prices, potential mistakes, and scheduling. Try not to let a poor builder get away with a lack of communication.

8. Lack of updates

An unwillingness to provide you with updates on the process can be a clear sign that things aren’t going well. If it has been awhile since your builder has updated you, you might have the wrong one. Don’t be afraid to ask how things are going. Remember, you are paying your builder, not the other way around.

A lot of things can go wrong with a construction partner. Speak up! Establish clear expectations and lines of communication, and make your voice heard.

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