Create a Show-Stopping Front Door


Create a Show-Stopping Front DoorWhat does your front door say about you? Hopefully, it gives a welcoming vibe to those who enter, but it can say much more with a little attention to detail and design. Your home’s entry offers guests the first glimpse of your home, and serves as an opportunity to show off a bit of your style and personality. You know what they say about first impressions! Make yours count:

1. Create a Nice Lead-in

A clearly marked and well-maintained path directs guests from the street or driveway to the front door. The path should be wide enough for two people to walk side-by-side, about 3 to 4 feet across. A custom walkway can add a personal touch with a bit of whimsy or sophistication.

2. Paint

Express yourself with color! Take time to browse Pinterest or Houze for inspiration, and start noticing doors in your neighborhood and surrounding area that catch your eye. Make a stop at the paint store to pick up some swatches that spark your creativity. Some paint brands sell small sample sizes of paint, allowing you to try out a color in a small area before committing to it. If not, simply tape paint swatches to the outside of your door and stand back to see which ones speak to your sense of style. Before painting your front door, check with your HOA to find out if approval is necessary, or if you are restricted to certain colors, but remember–it’s just paint, and paint can be easily changed, if and when needed,

3. Go bold

A bright, bold color with contrasting trim livens up any entry, but particularly one that is enclosed and doesn’t get much natural light. If you like the bold color but don’t want it to be overwhelming, use it on a door with windows.

4. High gloss paint or lacquer finish

Whether a signature color or black lacquer, the reflective sheen of a high gloss finish will make your door stand out in the best way.

5. Hardware

Coordinate the door handle, door knocker, hinges, light fixtures, and other accessories with the same metal finish for a polished, sophisticated look. Consider updating the house numbers on the exterior of your home to create a fresh, modern look.

6. Personalization

Make it your own by stenciling your house number or monogram right on the door in an interesting (yet readable) font.

7. Seasonal Accessories

Changing the decor with the seasons is another cheery way to keep things fresh and inviting.

8. Doormat

Doormats can be beautiful and also practical. In a snowy or damp climate, a thick coir rug will stand up to wet or muddy shoes and boots.

9. Planters

Bring a bit of the garden right to your door with flowers or greenery in planter boxes. As the seasons change you can replace flowers with pumpkins and gourds, or lighted evergreens.

10. Lighting

A pair of matching lanterns, with one on either side of the door or by the garage, provides twice the illumination for safety and security. Don’t be afraid to go big! Most builders skimp on the size of outdoor fixtures. Consider replacing existing tiny fixtures with ones that are in better scale with the size of your home.

Front Door Inspiration:

As your custom home builder, Sheffield Homes can help you create an entryway that is a beautiful extension of your home’s interior. Contact us today. We build homes in the Denver metro area and northern Colorado.



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