How to Plan the Ultimate Housewarming Party for Your New Custom Home


How to Plan the Ultimate Housewarming Party for Your New Custom HomeHave you ever noticed on all of those HGTV shows, when the hosts talk to the would-be buyers about the “must-have” features in their new home that they all insist upon a “huge kitchen with a massive island” for the entertaining they do? It’s as if all they do is throw huge parties every night of the week. When do these people clean bathrooms and mow their lawns if all they’re ever doing is planning and throwing parties?

Seriously, though, there are times when you want to show off that big, beautiful island and fill it with tasty canapes–especially after you’ve just moved in and want your friends to see your new digs–just maybe not every weekend (that bathroom’s not going to clean itself, you know). Plan a memorable get-together to christen your kitchen and create lasting memories. We’ll help you get started!

1. Identify the What and When

Do you want to have an open house where lots of friends drop in throughout the evening, or would you rather host an intimate dinner party? And who says it has to be in the evening? There are no rules that prohibit you from hosting a brunch or luncheon, just keep in mind that the time of day you choose to host your event may dictate who is available to attend, the formality of the occasion, and whether or not you’ll be expected to invite children.

2. Identify the Who

Are you envisioning a couples event, or something for families? A large group, or small? Once you decide what type of party you’re hosting, start with a brainstormed list of would-be guests and pare it down from there, if necessary.

3. Invite the Friends

Any event is only as good as its publicity. Think about it:  how motivated are you to go to the party whose photocopied, one-size-fits-all invite is stuck to the fridge? It’s easy to feel like you won’t be missed at the party whose mass-produced fliers were distributed by the ream. On the other hand, when you receive an attractive card–whether delivered in person, by email, or by good-old USPS–you’re more inclined to associate a certain degree of exclusivity with that event, or at least assume that the host knows you personally and went out of her way to include you.

4. Create the Menu

  • Consider the time of your party when planning food. If your party takes place at a common mealtime, guests may expect to be fed. For example, a party that takes place from 4-9 should probably provide a full meal.
  • Consider what types of food the people attending would enjoy eating: for example, if one is a vegetarian, don’t prepare a meat-heavy selection.
  • A few easy party foods are: fresh fruits and vegetables with dips, cheese and cracker trays, chips or breads with savory dips, rolled deli meats, meats wrapped around other items such as vegetables or fruits, sandwich trays, and meatballs.
  • If you provide a hot meal for your guests, consider preparing in and serving from a slow cooker, so you do not have to do much cooking after your guests have arrived.
  • Be sure you have adequate plates, bowls, serving utensils, and eating utensils prior to your guests’ arrival.

5. Prepare the Home

You want your home to be tidy, but remember–save the deep clean for after the guests leave. Make sure there’s plenty of comfortable seating arranged to encourage conversation. If you’re serving buffet style, set the table up in such a way that flows well into the area in which you wish guests to gather. Curate a playlist ahead of time so that you’re not scrambling at the last minute to find something to set the mood. Make sure the bathroom is clean and well-stocked with toilet paper and towels, and leave a light on so that people can easily find it. And speaking of light, turn on lamps and other lighting throughout your home to create a welcoming ambiance.

6. Provide the Tours

That’s why you’re having the party in the first place, right? Be prepared to share your favorite features of your new home with your friends.

7. Enjoy the Festivities

Relax and enjoy yourself! You’ve put in the prep work, now’s the time to start living the HGTV dream and go enjoy that party around in your huge kitchen with its massive island.

Whether or not a “huge kitchen with a massive island” is on your wish list, we’d love to work with you to create your dream home. At Sheffield Homes, we have more than 40 years’ experience building homes in the metro Denver area and in northern Colorado. We know how to marry fine craftsmanship with on-trend design to get both the quality and style you want in your new home. Call us today! 303-420-0056



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