What to Expect at Your New Home’s Final Inspection


What to Expect at Your New Home's Final InspectionAfter months of watching your home take shape from the ground up you receive the much-anticipated notice from your builder that it’s time to schedule the final walk-through! Closing can’t be far away, and the final walk-through provides the buyer and builder a block of time to examine the house together, discuss the home’s operating systems, and compile a punch-list of any remaining items that may require attention prior to moving in.

Planning for a successful walk-through

Depending upon the size of the home, your walk-through could take as long as 1-1/2 – 2 hours, so plan accordingly. Arrange for child care and rearrange your work schedule if necessary. Don’t plan to bring an entourage of friends with you. It’s easy enough to get caught up in the excitement of the newly-finished home; eliminate distractions so that you and your realtor and/or partner can focus on the important matters at hand.

Consider the following list when performing the final inspection:

  • Ensure that the ground near the home’s foundation slopes away from and not toward the home.
  • Check every light by turning it on and off again.
  • Run water from every faucet and check nearby for any leaks.
  • Examine the roofing.
  • Examine the flooring.
  • Check that the garage doors open and close.
  • Flush each toilet.
  • Inspect the exterior and interior paint jobs.
  • Examine the landscaping, if applicable.
  • Open and close every door, and test the locks.
  • Open and close every window to test the seals.
  • Examine ceilings and walls for water spots, weak points, etc.
  • Ensure that cabinets and counters are smooth and installed properly.
  • Test any extra appliance or service, such as ceiling fans, ovens, and garbage disposals.
  • Ensure that the HVAC system is in proper working order.
  • Find out where the main water shut-off valve is located in the home

What do you do after the walk-through?

Your builder’s rep should mark any noted items needing repair or attention, both in the home with painter’s tape or paper, and on a physical list for you to sign in acknowledgment. Ask for a copy of the list. Most builders will strive to complete as many items as possible on the initial walk-through punch-list prior to closing the home. As you move in and begin living in the home, you may notice additional items needing the builder’s attention. Keep a running list of these items, referring to your builder’s warranty to check if they are in fact covered items. Most builders will schedule a 90-day and/or a one-year warranty visit upon request, and keeping a running list of items of concern will prove helpful to both you and the builder.

Together, the home builder and the building team can make new construction of a home a great experience from start to finish. Sheffield Homes is dedicated to providing homeowners and home builders with outstanding service and quality construction that transcend the mainstream. We serve homeowners in the Denver metro area and northern Colorado. If you have further questions regarding your custom home or your final walk-through, contact us today.



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