Creating the Perfect Guest Room

A wise woman once said, “Having good manners simply means putting others at ease.” Using this mindset makes creating the perfect guest suite a breeze! You need only put yourself in the place of the visiting guest and think of what would make you feel comfortable and welcome. Is it a clean bathroom and fresh sheets? Definitely, but don’t overlook other details that will ensure your family and friends feel welcome and relaxed during their stay.

Clear the clutter

We get it. Sometimes your spare room becomes home to seasonal clothing, craft supplies, or the stack of Amazon boxes you haven’t yet dealt with. No judgement here. When you’re expecting guests, however, take time to clean up and clear space for your visitors. Make sure there’s room for them to open and store suitcases, space to hang clothing, and even an empty drawer or two in which to unpack clothing. Clear the room of knick-knacks that could make the room feel cluttered and cramped. And all those decorative throw pillows on the bed?  Maybe three or four are enough, instead of the usual dozen.

Provide a Comfortable Bed

If your guest bed is a mattress that used to belong to your Great Aunt Betsy, then perhaps it’s time to consider buying a replacement. Providing a comfortable bed is essential for creating the perfect guest bedroom. Make sure to choose a quality mattress that provides ample support. Consider adding a mattress topper or pillow top for extra comfort. Additionally, provide your guests with spare pillows and blankets so they can adjust their bedding to their own preferences. If you want to go the extra mile, consider adding some luxury bedding such as high thread-count sheets.

Add Bedside Conveniences

Nothing’s worse than having to stumble to bed in the dark after having turned out the overhead light. Save your guests from the unwanted pain of stubbed toes by providing bedside lamps that can be turned on and off from the convenience of the bed. Bedside tables are another necessity, as most guests have watches, jewelry, books, and/or phones that need to be conveniently within reach. And speaking of phones—be a 5-star host by providing plenty of power strips for charging devices. Your guests will thank you for not having to crawl under the bed or move furniture to locate an outlet. Tissues are another courteous bedside amenity, as is a small nightlight.

Add Seating and Storage Space

In addition to providing a comfortable bed, if space permits, add a comfortable arm chair or padded bench for seating. Again—think how convenient it is to have a place to sit and put your shoes on, or simply to sit and relax. Check the closet to ensure there are plenty of empty hangers and enough room in the closet to hang and store clothing.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

Creating a welcoming atmosphere goes a long way in making your guests feel at home. Personal touches such as fresh flowers, artwork, and cozy throws make the room feel inviting. For an added thoughtful touch, provide a basket of snacks and water bottles or basic toiletries as a welcome gift. With a little bit of effort, you can ensure that your guests have an enjoyable and memorable experience in your home.

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