I was finishing my residency at Johns Hopkins before starting my practice in Denver, and I was concerned about building a new home long distance. With a recommendation from a friend who had purchased from Sheffield, we decided to take a chance. Our salesperson was very helpful, and immediately we felt we could trust him. The level of communication was excellent, and most things were done via email. The process was smooth and the few issues we had were quickly addressed and in a very accommodating manner. Sheffield always went the extra distance to make it right. The staff was amazing. It was easy to build a home in Denver while living in Maryland because of Sheffield’s special attention to detail. Sheffield Homes provided a phenomenal level of professionalism and trust.

We were fortunate that the first home we ever purchased was a Sheffield home. We loved it. Then we moved to Chicago. When we moved back, our first thought was to find out where Sheffield was building, because we knew that we wanted them to build our next home.

Sheffield stands behind everything, even after warranty. For example, the front door of our house had a trivial problem. The contractor came right away, and while he was examining the door, he decided the hardwood in the foyer needed to be replaced. He wanted to make sure that everything was as perfect as it could be.

Sheffield’s service is the kind of service I grew up with—prompt, professional and willing to make sure the finished product is right.

There are other builders in our neighborhood, but people stop in front of our house to admire it. We think our house is a gem.

Working with Sheffield on our first house was a positive experience all the way. And when my wife saw one of the new houses Sheffield was building, I understood why she was so interested. The second house was more of the same—all good. We worked with the same staff we had for the first house, and they were great. No hassles. If something is not quite right, they take care of it, and they do it immediately. I have a level of trust with Sheffield you just can’t get with a big national firm. The first time was luck; the second time was by choice. We knew we would have excellent service and an outstanding finished product.



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