If Walls Could Talk: 9 Ideas to Make Them Sing

If walls could talk, what would yours say? “I feel washed out,” or perhaps, “Floors have all the fun!” With white walls currently trending, it’s easy to see how they might feel overlooked. Though the clean look is certainly appealing, don’t discount the design possibilities afforded by wall treatments. Look beyond paint color options to add a unique touch to the rooms in your new home.


You expect to see tile in the shower or on the bathroom floor, but how about tiling an entire wall in a powder bathroom? The typically smaller size of a powder bath lends itself well to an accent wall that won’t require breaking the bank to accomplish the goal. Choosing a tonal selection like the marble-look tile shown here keeps the modern aesthetic and adds interest in both the scale (12″x24″) and application (herringbone) of the tile on the wall.

If your personality leans more towards the “Go-Big-or-Go-Home” type, there’s nothing wrong with using tile on all four bathroom walls for a cleanly sophisticated look, as shown in this sleek powder bath.  Modern fixtures and accessories complete the look.

Another large format tile found in an expected place is installed here, backing the entertainment wall in this walk-out basement. Again, neutral color selection keeps changes in wall and furniture colors as an option down the road. Movement in the tile pattern provides an organic feel and interest.

You’re accustomed to finding tile backsplash in a kitchen, but notice how the entire window wall of this beautiful kitchen—tiled from counter-to-ceiling and perpendicular to the tiled cooktop wall—wraps the room in modern style. Again, as it is a very neutral tile with a greyed grout, the effect proves not overwhelming but rather, quietly polished.


Don’t think that brick is reserved for fireplaces and exteriors only! Warm up a room with the charm and character of brick or a brick-look tile on the walls, as used in this casual chic dining room.

Similarly, the application of brick at this basement entertainment area adds warmth and personality to the space.

Acoustic Tile

In a room such as a basement theater, where sound control is an important consideration, consider using large, sound-absorbing acoustical tiles as decorative items to mount on the walls.


Originating quite literally as the exterior planking on ships, shiplap eventually made its way indoors—though not initially as a decorative element. In homes of the early 20th century, shiplap was installed in the home’s interior, over top of the framing, to form a smooth backing for wallpaper and other interior wall coverings. When Joanna Gaines started exposing and painting shiplap in the inaugural season of Fixer Upper in 2013, the modern farmhouse look took off and the world of interior design has never looked back.

Typically painted white, shiplap may be installed either horizontally or vertically to create a streamlined, modern look. Here, it was used in lieu of a tile splash at the wet bar.

Upstairs in the same home, shiplap was installed vertically at the fireplace.

A ceiling application of shiplap lends a coastal vibe to this peaceful primary bedroom.


Another wall treatment that’s been around for centuries, wallpaper adds instant style to any space—large or small. Patterns and color palettes are virtually limitless, with many options available in peel-and-stick varieties for both ease of application and a lessening of commitment. Try adding wallpaper to just one accent wall for an interesting point of impact, as in this cozy basement sitting area.


Depending upon the intended end use of a room, an installation of mirrors can be both functional and enhancing to the overall design. The mirrored wall extending the entire length of this workout room serves to visually expand and brighten the space, which proves especially helpful in a basement with limited natural light.


If space and budget permit, lining a wall with beautiful built-in cabinetry or bookcases serves as both an aesthetic feature and as convenient storage. The abundance of shelving in this office provides space for books as well as accessories like photos or sculptural pieces. Cupboards hide the less aesthetically pleasing elements of the workday.

Trimmed or Paneled Wall Treatments

Installing simple trim pieces to create vertical paneling add interest to this entryway. Paneled areas can be used to define spaces and are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to amp up style.

Reclaimed Wood

Echoing chords from another era can almost be heard emanating from the beautiful walls covered in reclaimed wood in this family room. When a hailstorm damaged the exterior fiberglass siding on their home, exposing the original wood siding dating back to the early 1960’s, these homeowners opted to salvage and install it in the interior of their home. The resulting warmth and charm create a truly one-of-a-kind space.

Similar treatments could be installed using reclaimed barn wood, or—here in Colorado—Beetle-kill pine. In this new-construction home, reclaimed wood was used on a dining room ceiling to add interest and character, blending well with the mountain setting.

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