The 5 Step Semi-Custom Home Building Process

Have you ever noticed how you can both love and hate the same thing? For example, your backyard may be a beautiful place to relax on a summer’s evening, but ugh—weeding the flower beds in the heat of the day is back-breaking! Building a new home can feel much the same way; much of the process is creative and exciting, but another part of it seems like an anxious waiting game filled with too many choices. It can all feel a bit overwhelming, especially to the first-time buyer.

If you find yourself breaking out in a cold sweat at the thought of building a custom home but want more than a cookie-cutter tract home, consider going the semi-custom route.

Step 1: Choose a Semi-Custom Home Builder

The first step is to find a semi-custom home builder who understands your vision and can bring it to life. Look for a builder with experience in semi-custom home construction and ask for references and a portfolio of their work. Research different builders to compare pricing structures, services, and reputations before making a decision. If the builder is established in a particular neighborhood or development, tour model homes, taking note of which features are included and which are considered upgrades.

Step 2: Select and Tweak the Floor Plan

Once you select a builder, you will work with them to select a floor plan that best meets your needs and budget. From there, you may decide that Plan A works well overall, but you like the size of the primary suite in Plan B and you’d like to add a fireplace in the great room. Working with the builder, you’ll customize the basic plan with your selected options, making adjustments as needed to ensure that your new home fits your lifestyle and budget.

Step 3: Choose Finishes

Finishes come next, which include flooring, cabinets, and counter tops, as well as lighting and plumbing fixtures. The builder will have a range of base selections from which to choose (that should be included in the cost, or original budget) of the home. From here, upgrades may be selected if desired. If budget is tight, consider allotting more to items that are harder to replace down the road—such as cabinets and counter tops—as opposed to items such as plumbing fixtures and lighting, which can be easily replaced without a great deal of disruption. Select finishes that reflect your personal style and personality.

Step 4: Monitor the Building Process

During the building process, communicate regularly with your builder’s project superintendent. Work to develop a relationship of mutual trust and respect, remembering that you’re on the same team—with the same end goal in mind. Your builder should be available to answer questions and provide project updates, and allow you to visit the construction site under supervision. Remember that a construction site can be a dangerous place, and the builder cannot be held responsible for accidents that happen during unsupervised visits to the job site. Don’t be afraid to bring up questions or concerns you may have throughout the construction process. Again—communication is key to a successful outcome.

Step 5: Close and Move-in!

Once construction is complete and final municipal inspections passed, a scheduled walk-through and new-home orientation with your builder provides the opportunity to see how the systems in your new home work and allows you to ensure that all is in order. As you see any items that may require attention or completion, a punch list is created and addressed by the builder prior to closing. After closing at the title company you will be given the keys to your new home and can begin the move-in process! Enjoy the fruits of your investment and take pride in your beautiful new semi-custom home.

While no construction project is without a few bumps and stressors along the way, we believe that our time-tested processes, nearly 50 years’ experience, and trusted trade relationships go a long way in paving the road for a smooth construction job. Trust Sheffield Homes to build your semi-custom or custom home in the Denver metro or northern Colorado area. Call today: 303-420-0056


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