Top Paint Colors Builders are Using on New Construction Homes

Remember the sense of possibility and wonder that came with opening a brand new box of 64 Crayola crayons? Rows of unmarred, pointed tips arranged in rainbow order stood ready to create whatever you could imagine—with not just one shade of each color, but many. When it comes to selecting colors for your home, however, the endless rows of tiny swatches in the paint aisle may spark more anxiety than joy. A yellow that looks cheerful on the paint chip may give off more of a Big Bird vibe once it’s been given two coats on the wall, and changing wall colors is considerably more of a hassle (and expense) than turning to a new page in the coloring book. How, then, do you select shades of paint for your home?

At Sheffield, we understand the critical role that color plays in your home’s design. It’s not just about following trends; it’s about creating harmony between your home and your lifestyle, and designing spaces that reflect your unique style.

Timeless Whites and Off-Whites

A true classic, white with its many iterations remains the most popular choice for both exteriors and interiors. Far from boring, whites brighten a space, forming a blank canvas that can be layered with textures and accented with color. But, a Sheffield home is never “just white.” Our palette includes shades like Alabaster that offer a subtle warmth to spaces, while Frost reflects the crisp, clear Colorado skies.

Earthy Neutrals

To echo the Rocky Mountain horizons, earthy neutrals are a cornerstone of Sheffield Homes’ design philosophy. Colors such as “Greige” – the perfect blend of gray and beige – provide a sophisticated backdrop that works with any decor, much like the solid foundation of our craftsmanship.

Bold Blues

Taking a cue from Colorado’s own state flag, bold blues are making their presence felt in the modern home. We are fond of hues like “Midnight Blue,” which can add a dramatic flair without overwhelming a room. This color dances well with our abundant natural light, embracing a refined yet vibrant aesthetic.

Serene Greens

As a tribute to the verdant forestry of our state, we incorporate greens that range from soft “Sage” to deep “Juniper.” These colors offer an organic touch, seamlessly blending the indoors with the outdoors, further emphasizing the seamless living our homes provide.

Rich Charcoals and Blacks

For a touch of sophistication, we’ve embraced deeper tones like charcoal and matte black. These colors anchor a room and add an element of modern elegance that is unmistakable—a nod to those of you who dare to express a bolder sense of style with a classic Sheffield twist.

At Sheffield Homes, our expertise in color extends beyond aesthetics; it’s an integral part of the functionality and emotion of a space. When we discuss colors with you, it’s not just about what’s on-trend. We consider how the light at different times of day will interact with your choice, how it will make each room feel, and how it complements the design elements that are uniquely yours.

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