12 Features to Consider for Aging in Place When Building a Custom Home


12 Features to Consider for Aging in Place When Building a Custom HomeIf 50 is the new 30, then perhaps 80 is the new 60? Senior citizens of the 21st century certainly don’t fit the mold of generations past, and can more often be found on the golf course or out mowing the lawn. With such active lifestyles it’s no wonder many seniors wish to maintain independent living circumstances. Set yourself up for success to thrive in place later by considering a few modifications to incorporate into your new home which will suit your lifestyle for years to come.

1. No-step entry

Let’s face it, stairs that seem like no big deal now can become challenging down the road, especially after a surgery or joint replacement. Why not plan ahead and eliminate as many as possible?

2. Open floor plan

An open floor plan would accommodate a wheelchair or walker, or a care-giver who is helping you with a walker. Wider hallways and doorways might be a consideration, as well.

3. Master bedroom on the first floor

Already a popular feature in many homes, a main-floor master makes sense for those wishing to age-in-place, as accessing a bedroom without having to climb stairs is a plus.

4. Soft and smooth flooring

Soft flooring is kinder to joints and doesn’t prove a trip hazard as some thick carpets may.

5. Stairlift or elevator

If your home does have a staircase, you may wish to consider the installation of a stairlift or elevator, should there come a time when you are unable to use the stairs.

6. Good ventilation

An important part of any home, adequate ventilation is something to pay special attention to as a safety feature for those who may be homebound.

7. Lower cabinets

Pay attention to the location of cabinets and make sure that none require a stool to reach.

8. Wider doorways and hallways

Remember that walker and wheelchair we mentioned above? It will be much easier to maneuver, if necessary, in a home with wider doorways and halls.

9. Grab bars

Towel bars are not sufficiently anchored into the wall to serve as grab bars, but many hardware manufacturers make towel bars that can function as grab bars if properly installed. The framing behind the wall should be reinforced prior to installation.

10. Walk-in tub and curbless shower

You’ll be grateful for anything you can do now that will make bathing and showering easier when you’re not as nimble as you once were. A walk-in tub or curbless shower is the perfect answer.

11. Smart technology for light switches, thermostat, locking doors

One advantage you have over generations past is smart technology that can be programmed to operate various systems in your home. Use it to your advantage to control everything from the HVAC to the alarm system. Learn More.

12. Easy to operate doorknobs

One no-brainer installation now is the selection of lever-style door handles, which prove easier for arthritic hands to manage than traditional knobs.

If you’re looking to build a home that will allow you to age in place, let Sheffield Homes help you design one with all of the details you deserve. If multi-generational living is something you’re considering, we’ve got great floor plans for that, too, at our newest development in Westminster–Carr Estates. Give us a call if you plan to build in the metro Denver area or in northern Colorado, and let’s get to work. 303-420-0056



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