5 Must Have Features for Entertaining in Your New Custom Home

When you think about entertaining where does your mind initially go? Are you the type who plans an elaborate menu first and works everything else around that, or do you head straight for memorable theme and décor, placing food as a lower priority? No matter your style of entertaining, you’ll want to peruse our list of what we consider to be custom home must-haves for entertaining.

When you think about being an engaging host or hostess and creating an enjoyable mood at your party, consider what you can do to put your guests at ease in your home. Interestingly enough, the features you choose to incorporate into your custom home can help achieve this aim.

1. Modern, Open Kitchen Design
Like it or not, the kitchen seems to be a social magnet, attracting knots of guests as they arrive. Designing a kitchen with a large island and plenty of open space allows conversations to develop and continue organically without making anyone feel claustrophobic. Ample counter space also provides areas for inviting placement of hors d’oeuvre or snack trays. Guests can easily mingle from one group to another with less chance of feeling awkward.

2. Wet Bar or Wine Cellar
Having drinks and ice at hand keeps the party going. Placing a wet bar between the high-traffic kitchen and the dining or family room establishes another gathering spot without impeding the overall traffic flow. For the wine enthusiast, a wine cellar may be the perfect custom room to add in the basement. Offer tours to your guests!

3. Main Floor Bathroom
You’ll want to include a main-floor powder bath in your custom home design, as it is not only convenient on a daily basis, but also indispensable at party time. Guests will feel much more comfortable using a restroom that is clearly not someone’s personal space, and you’ll feel more at ease not having people roaming through your house in search of the water closet. Leave on a small counter-top lamp or night light in the powder bath, and leave the door open, so that your guests can easily find the facilities.

4. Large Dining Room
If you enjoy hosting sit-down dinner parties, consider the size of your dining furniture–including chairs, table, console, hutch, buffet, etc.–when designing your architectural plan. How large is your table when extended to its fullest length? How much room does one require to scoot a chair out from under the table, sit down, and get back up?  Will you have room to navigate around the table when guests are seated? While these may sound like trivial considerations now, they won’t when you’re hosting dinner for twelve.

5. Outdoor Living Features
More popular than ever, outdoor living areas expand entertaining space and can be utilized in all but the harshest of weather.

  • Outdoor Kitchen
    A built-in gourmet grill surrounded by granite counter tops with a bar sink make cooking outdoors a breeze. Go as simple or deluxe as budget and/or space permits. Add wiring for speakers or TV, cabinets for cookware, spices, and spatulas, and an area for cleanup supplies (to save trips back-and-forth to the kitchen later). Be sure to include a dedicated gas line to the grill so that you’ll never have to worry about remembering to refill an empty tank again.
  • Outdoor Seating
    Make the backyard an appealing hang-out spot for guests with comfortable seating. With outdoor living spaces increasing in popularity, outdoor furniture is available in an ever-increasing array of styles–from sectionals with ottomans to loveseats and rockers–all designed with weather-resistance in mind. Don’t forget to include some end tables and/or coffee table for drinks.
  • Fireplace
    If you really want to amp up the ambiance, add a fire pit or built-in fireplace into your backyard design. Fire pits and fireplaces may be permanently piped with gas lines, for convenience. Wood-burning fire pits may also be an option, depending upon the area and local burning ordinances.

Sheffield Homes has been building custom homes in the Denver metro area and in northern Colorado for more than forty years, and we’d love to work with you to design the custom home of your dreams. Whether it’s the open kitchen, the back-yard kitchen, the wine cellar, or all of the above that pique your interest, we’ve got you covered! Call us today and let’s get started. 303-420-0056.

5 Must Have Features for Entertaining in Your New Custom Home

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