7 Ways to Ensure Your Custom Home is Energy Efficient


7 Ways to Ensure Your Custom Home is Energy EfficientAt Sheffield Homes, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide beautiful custom homes that are also energy efficient. Optimizing home energy efficiency requires a whole-house systems approach. Consider the following aspects of custom home construction that can add to your home’s efficiency.

1. Location

One of the benefits of building a custom home is the ability to select a lot that can optimize the home’s energy efficiency. Consider how the home will be situated on the lot to maximize wind protection and make most of natural sunlight.

2. Landscaping and Grading

Grading determines how water will flow away from the home’s foundation. Landscaping also affects run-off, to a lesser degree. Additionally, the home’s landscaping plays a vital role in keeping down heating and cooling costs. Properly situated trees can provide shade and block the wind, easing the strain on the home’s HVAC system.

3. Air Sealing

To ensure energy efficiency in your new custom home, all of the exterior walls, windows, and doors should be properly sealed. During the building process, the home builder can help prevent air leaks by installing vapor barriers and upgraded insulation. This step also helps keep heating and cooling bills down.

4. Insulation

When building an energy efficient home, upgrading the insulation proves one of the best ways to lower utility costs. Insulation provides a protective barrier against outdoor temperatures. A house built for energy efficiency usually has insulation in the ceiling, as well as in exterior and lower-level walls.

5. Energy Efficient Windows

Large picture windows can be both a blessing and a curse. They allow sunlight to warm rooms but they also allow air to escape, which reduces HVAC efficiency. Opt for windows that have a higher R-value and place them on the south and east sides of the home, which allows plenty of sunlight in without allowing the afternoon heat to spike cooling costs.

6. High-Efficiency HVAC

One of the best ways to save on utility costs and increase energy efficiency is to purchase a high-efficiency heating and cooling unit. Your HVAC contractor can plan the ductwork layout to improve performance and efficiency even more. Take it one step further by using insulated ducts to protect the conditioned air.

7. Energy Efficient Lighting & Appliances

Choose LED lighting options and Energy Star rated appliances.  Even though these options cost more to install, they will save you money over time. LED lights use less wattage and require less maintenance. Energy efficient appliances last longer and are as much as 20% more efficient than regular machines.

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