Creating a Home That Feels Like Fall

Have you ever noticed how kids love to pile on as many sprinkles and candy corns as possible when decorating holiday cut-out cookies, but when it comes time to select one for eating they nearly always choose a cookie with nothing but plain frosting? Funny how that works. Likewise, it’s easy to walk down the aisles of Hobby Lobby this time of year and become so enchanted by all of the glittery, pumpkin-shaped décor that before you know it your cart is full to the brim and you have to make a stop at Target on your way home to pick up more plastic bins to hold it all.

Sometimes less is more, and–though we don’t begrudge anyone a tote-bin full of artificial pumpkins (or a few extra candy corns, for that matter) why not consider a more elemental approach to creating a home that feels like Fall?

Welcome, Autumn!

  1. Mirror the season’s cozy vibe in your home by swapping existing rugs, throws, and/or sofa pillows with those of Autumn’s rich hues and textures. Most toss pillows have removable covers, so you needn’t purchase entirely new pillows–just  new covers. You’ll be surprised by the impact this small change will make in creating a seasonal mood.
  2. If your home has a fireplace, make sure it is in working order and ready to use on the first chilly day. For wood-burning fireplaces, consider working the wood stack itself into your décor by piling it into an interesting basket or stacking it artfully. Candles also contribute to a cozy atmosphere, and if the scented variety aren’t your cup of tea, try using battery-operated candles, which look quite realistic and are operated via remote control.
  3. Don’t overlook the less-obvious elements of your home when working to establish a mood. What about using snuggly flannel sheets on the beds? Just as the cut-out holiday cookies melt in your mouth when baked to perfection, a well-made bed with welcoming, warm sheets on a chilly night provides the perfect place to melt away stress. Although no one may ever see this seasonal detail in your home, you will look forward to its coziness every night.
  4. What does your front door say about you? Use your front porch and door entry as a place to express your seasonal sense of style. This may be as simple as repotting outdoor planters with mums and ivy, or filling them with gourds. Take time to wash off the front door and/or refresh the paint. Swapping out or replacing the door mat is another way to spruce up the entry.
  5. While you’re outdoors working on the entryway, take a moment to walk around the yard and clip some dried grasses, branches, or twigs with berries. Rather than buying artificial foliage that you have to store from year-to-year, why not trim something from the outdoors and enjoy it for the season? You may be surprised by the beauty that’s just outside your door.

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