Thinking of Selling Your Home? 6 Ways to Increase Home Value


Thinking of Selling Your Home? 6 Ways to Increase Home ValueYou’re considering selling your home, and all you can think about is the mountain of work it will take to get it ready to list. Time to take a step back and reassess. Not everything you think of as necessary may be so, but there are some projects  definitely worth tackling that will boost your bottom line. As a home builder, we understand what buyers are looking for, and can advise you about getting the most out of your current home.

1. Improve your home’s curb appeal.

Prospective buyers generally see the front of your home first, so a favorable first impression goes a long way toward getting them in the door. Keep in mind that most buyers are searching online before even deciding which homes to view; make sure your home is pictured at its best. Buyers want to be able to envision themselves coming home to this house and feeling that it is a sanctuary. They want to imagine their guests coming over and feeling welcome. How does your yard look compared to the others on the street? Does the landscaping need some sprucing up or clearing out–or perhaps a few new flowers? Are the front door and entryway in good shape? Does the exterior paint need a refresher coat?

2. Make it low-maintenance.

Replacing or upgrading major systems, such as the furnace or roof, puts prospective buyers at ease by eliminating worries about costly breakdowns. Improvements that make the home easy to keep clean and maintain can also add value. Replacing old carpet or siding with low-maintenance alternatives, for example, can make your home look fresh and easy to care for.

3. Make it more efficient.

Energy conservation features that lower the costs of operating the home, and are good for the environment, appeal to many of today’s home-buyers. Double-paned windows, enhanced attic insulation, LED lighting, and efficient appliances all add to the home’s value and are attractive features for energy-conscious buyers.

A certified energy auditor or your utility company can help determine which upgrades will save the most money. For example, solar panels on the roof add value over the long term, but may not be a wise investment for a quick sale.

4. Make it bigger.

Adding usable square footage, such as a finished basement or a deck, can greatly enhance your home’s appeal and value. An appraiser may not take into account the added value of more square feet, but buyers will notice and appreciate the additional space.

5. Be strategic about your living space.

If you can’t make your home bigger, be thoughtful and intentional about the space you have. Help prospective buyers see that a finished basement, for example, could be a mother-in-law apartment, an exercise room, a play area for grandchildren, or an office. Stage your home to show its possibilities to best advantage, even if it means converting your hobby room back into a bedroom, or removing the kids’ toys from the dining room.

6. Make it smarter.

“Smart” is more than a buzzword in today’s home market. Buyers are looking for technology that adds value and interest. Something as simple as a programmable thermostat or as grand as a whole house generator can give your home an edge.

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