15 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Home in the Summer

It’s time to swap out the snow gear for pool provisions! With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get a jump start on seasonal home maintenance. Keep your home in top condition by being proactive in cleaning and making repairs; learn how performing a few simple tasks helps to maintain a healthy home throughout the summer months.

Maintaining a Healthy Home in the Summer

Try not to feel overwhelmed by the thought of seasonal chores. Some of the items on this list take only a few minutes to address, and others can be hired out. Look at it as caring for the biggest investment you’re likely to make in a lifetime.

1. Change HVAC filters.

Easily the simplest, least expensive, and quite possibly the most important item on your list is the changing of furnace and A/C filters. As you transition from using your home’s heater to the air conditioner, it is important to keep filters fresh and clean. A clogged or dirty filter not only results in low-functioning A/C, but also decreases your home’s indoor air quality and can pose risks to your health.

2. Schedule a professional air conditioner tune-up.

Additionally, before turning on the air conditioner for the summer, schedule a professional HVAC inspection. This prevents unexpected breakdowns and helps avoid major repairs.

3. Power-wash the outside of your home and the porch.

If you really want to increase your home’s curb appeal and make a statement, power-wash your home’s exterior. Winter often leaves behind a layer of dirt and grime, but power-washing makes everything bright and cheery again.

4. Spray for bugs.

To ward off bugs from seeking shelter from the heat, make sure you spray cracks and entrances around the exterior’s perimeter. Do it yourself, or hire an extermination service to do the work.

5. Wash windows.

Take advantage of any beautiful spring days to thoroughly scrub your home’s windows. Don’t forget to wash them from both the inside and the outside. If this is a bigger project than you care to tackle on your own, check sources like FaceBook and NextDoor for references from your neighbors for reliable window washing companies you can hire to get the job done.

6. Spend some time landscaping.

Even if you don’t enjoy gardening, cleaning up your yard does a lot to increase curb appeal. Weed flower beds, lay fresh mulch, trim shrubs, etc. Get the family involved and make a day of it! You may find that you’ll enjoy selecting annuals to plant together and tend throughout the summer months.

7. Repair cracks or holes in the driveway.

Often, the ice and snow of winter can leave behind cracks or potholes in your driveway. To prevent the sun from encouraging further damage, take the time to fill sunken areas with driveway filler.

8. Wash all carpets, curtains, upholstery, bedding, etc.

You may not see it with the naked eye, but you can be sure that the curtains, rugs, and bedding in your home are full of dust after the winter months. Even if you don’t want to spend the money to have them professionally cleared, take them outside and give them a hearty shaking out, leaving them outside to air for a bit. Consider having the carpet in your home professionally cleaned.

9. Ventilate your home and check for mold.

After being closed up all winter long, your home needs thorough ventilation. Get some fans going, open the windows, and let fresh air circulate. Check dark, cool corners for dampness that could be encouraging mold growth.

10. Touch up exterior paint.

If you notice your house’s paint chipping or peeling in a few spots, taking the time to touch it up now may give you a year or two’s reprieve until you have to repaint.

11. Seal doors and windows to prevent moisture leakage during summer storms.

Summer storms can be some of the craziest! Before the rainy season begins, make sure your home is free from leaks and drafts. Constant dampness from a leaky window can lead to mold growth. Prevent this issue by properly sealing doors and windows.

12. Clean the gutters.

If your home’s gutters are full of sticks, mud, and other debris, flooding is a possible risk. Empty gutters early in the season to prevent overflow during spring and summer storms. It’s much more pleasant to do this slightly unpleasant task when the sun is shining than when you’re drenched in a downpour and you’re driven to do it  on an emergency basis!

13. Clean the grill.

Don’t forget about grilling season! Clean out burnt debris from the bottom of the grill, and make sure the gas tank is full. Show your grill some TLC so that it’s ready to go when you are.

14. Schedule a septic system inspection.

When it’s hot and sticky outside, the last thing you want is a clogged septic tank. Schedule your annual inspection before the summer months hit.

15. Focus on seasonal decluttering.

Finally, take the dawn of a new season as an opportunity to purge and declutter. Starting the summer off with a margin of organized space will put you in the right headspace to enjoy the season ahead!

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