4 Landscaping Tips for Custom Built Homes


4 Landscaping Tips for Custom Built HomesYour home is not just the space under your roof. It’s every spot on your land where you work, play, or relax. Many times people don’t stop to consider the role landscaping plays in how we use our outdoor areas until after they have built their new custom home. For that reason, here are a few landscaping tips to help you get the most from your outdoor space.

1. Think About Your Setting

The climate in Colorado makes it difficult to maintain big grassy lawns. Instead, try to capitalize on the view and talk with a landscaper about how you can turn your outdoor space into another living space. Consider adding patios and porches and plants that require little watering. A custom home builder can advise you on where those would best attach to the home.

Ground covers are a good replacement for grass. Many of them are hardy and require little maintenance. Some will flower and provide eye-appealing color each season. Ask which ones might be good for your new yard.

2. Consider how you will use the space.

As suggested, you can actually extend your living space right into your backyard. Not only can you add porches and patios, but consider putting in a play area for the children. You might want to place a water feature that draws the eye. If you are lucky enough to have mature trees on your lot, be sure to incorporate them into your landscaping.

Many people like to add an outdoor kitchen area for entertaining during the summer months. Built-in grills and covered patios are eye-appealing and practical.

3. Get Inspiration from Others

Once you’ve defined how you will use your space, start looking around at friend’s homes, neighborhood homes, and online for ideas that appeal. Put these ideas into a notebook for when you consult with your landscaping professional. Landscape architects can help you put together a plan that incorporates hardscape and plantings.

If you are in the process of building a new custom home, then your landscaping can begin as soon as construction ends. However, it’s a good thing if you know how you will want to incorporate the existing landscaping so that your custom home builder can capitalize on those elements when designing and building your new home.

Concrete porches can be poured at the same time as the driveway, saving you money. Have your landscaping contractor coordinate their work with your building contractor so that they don’t run into conflicts.

4. Talk with Your Builder

If you need recommendations regarding the best plants or materials to use in your landscaping and you don’t have a landscaping professional, talk with your custom home builder. Many times they can advise you on landscaping or recommend someone who can help you draw up plans.

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