7 Custom Home Landscaping Trends in 2018


7 Custom Home Landscaping Trends in 2018Landscaping trends for 2018 encourage outdoor entertaining. It seems that homeowners are escaping to their backyards more than ever before.  People want to bring the indoors outside and are looking for custom-designed outdoor living spaces. The right custom home builder can do just that by incorporating such features into the home’s landscape plan.

7 Top Landscaping Trends for Custom Homes

Think about including some of the more popular landscaping trends in a custom build:

1. Built-in Grill

Built-in grills are most often covered, allowing you to comfortably cook in any weather. Add some extra seating and a bar, and you have the perfect set-up for all your entertaining. You may wish to consider investing in a full outdoor kitchen. Not only does this move the mess outside, but it also keeps your house cooler during the hot summer months, and the additional cooking space comes in handy when you need to prepare large amounts of food.

2. Fire Pit

There’s nothing cozier than a bonfire on a chilly Colorado night. A fire pit allows you to entertain outside even when the weather turns chilly. Roast marshmallows, or snuggle with someone special around the fire pit in the back yard of your new custom home. As fire pits range vastly in cost, size, and style, it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that fits into your budget and works with your aesthetic.

3. Water Features

Fountains and ponds provide a beautiful focal point in your landscaping. A custom builder can help you choose and place a fountain so that it complements other landscaping features. Water plants and beautiful fish can give your water feature even more visual appeal.

4. Natural Stone

Natural stone, in the form of boulders or smaller rocks, adds texture to your landscape design. Granite accents can elevate the look of your home, and they come in many different natural colors.

5. Pavers

The most popular colors for pavers right now are shades of gray and tan. They compliment most any house color, and most natural stone is available in those shades. Larger-sized pavers make smaller outdoor spaces appear more spacious. Consider using synthetic materials that mimic natural stone. They cost less and look great.

6. Privacy Planting

Most custom homeowners desire privacy. One way to achieve this without putting up fencing is to plant a privacy screen. Using a combination of trees, shrubs, and grasses blocks the neighbors’ views into your yard, creating a more intimate entertaining environment.

7. Lighting

Landscape lighting has been around for many years but rather than installing a row of walkway lights, consider using lighting to turn your landscaping into a piece of art. With uplighting, spotlights, and low-voltage lighting you can highlight key features and set a mood that will turn your outdoor space into a magical wonderland.

Custom home building is not just about the inside of your house–it encompasses all living areas where you spend time. More and more people consider their outdoor landscaping an extension of the indoor decor. When you build your home, make sure to consider all areas–both indoors and out.

If you are looking for a custom home builder in the Denver metro area or northern Colorado, you have found one. Sheffield Homes can build you the custom home of your dreams. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.



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