8 Bathroom Design Trends You Should Consider

Confession time:  Have you ever locked yourself in the bathroom just to escape whining children, a nagging chore, or even to grab a fleeting moment’s respite all to yourself? No shame here. Sometimes we all need a bit of peace and quiet, and if the bathroom is your best hope of finding it, why not give the room a little TLC? Create your own bit of paradise with a bathroom remodel that will not only add some zip to your Zen, but will also increase the value of your home.

Even if you don’t have the time or resources for a complete reinvention of your bathroom, the following design trends add both fun and functionality to the space.

1. Soaker Tubs

Soaking tubs with pulsing jets provide a great way to spoil yourself without sacrificing practicality–after all, you have to get clean. Why not make it a more relaxing experience? Jacuzzi tubs (usually set into a tub deck) add an element of luxury to a bathroom, especially when surrounded by plush towels, some greenery, and a few fragrant candles. For more of a statement decor piece, free-standing tubs lend a beautiful spa-like feeling to the bathroom, especially when installed with tasteful plumbing fixtures.

2. Marble Everything

Marble has long had the reputation of being a luxurious material, and it is no less true now than it was 200 years ago. Floors, walls, and sinks all look fabulous in marble, and the addition is sure to produce a classic, sophisticated bathroom that will never go out of style.

3. Floating Vanities (and shelves)

As the name implies, floating vanities and shelves appear to hang–without the assistance of legs or brackets–against the wall. This modern look opens up the space and lends an airy, contemporary feel to the bathroom. Compliment the look by installing vessel sinks and wall-mounted plumbing fixtures.

4. Statement Tile

Instead of choosing flooring based on your bathroom’s style, try basing the bathroom’s style on the flooring. Statement tile in geometric shapes, unique grains, and bold colors dresses up the entire room, making a design statement all its own.

5. Framed Mirrors

A framed mirror acts as a wonderful decor piece, especially if your bathroom is limited on space. Choose a bold, gold frame or a geometrically patterned one for an element of luxury. If you want a large area of the wall to be mirrored, simply use trim moulding pieces to build a frame around the mirrored section of wall. Paint the trim to match the baseboard and casement in the room, or choose an accent color to add a bit of dash.

6. Back-Lit Mirrors and Cabinets

Adding back-lighting to mirrors and cabinets can create a custom ambiance. A slight glow lends to a spa-like feel, while more wattage might be used for a custom makeup mirror.

7. Accent Walls

Put the walls to work! Consider adding reclaimed wood paneling or painted shiplap trim to one wall to create a beautiful statement. Though more expensive, tiled walls are also a beautiful alternative to feature as a design element.

8. Smart Mirrors and Toilets

Now that smart phones and smart watches are part of everyday life, is it any wonder that toilets and mirrors have gotten into the game? Go figure. If  you have the budget and inclination you, too, can have a toilet that includes personal cleansing, individual temperature settings, touchless flushing, and soft nighttime lighting. Who knew that using a toilet could be so luxe?  Mirrors, on the other hand, can connect with your smart devices so that you can watch the latest news, get updates on stocks, read the morning news, watch movies, ask Alexa to change playlists, see who’s at the front door, or simply get the ideal light for your makeup.  Bottom line (no pun intended):  you may in fact never have to leave your bathroom again.

How to Choose a Custom Home Bathroom Design Trend

With so many features from which to choose, where do you begin to decide which to include in your renovation?

1. Consider Theme

Everything in your bathroom should visually function as a whole, even if the pieces do not directly match. You don’t want items that appear to be competing for attention. Look for complementary styles, tones, and patterns.

2. Consider Space

Create a mock-up of your bathroom remodel and decide what can fit, what you want, and where it should go. Sometimes compromises have to be made based on space or budget, so prioritize. Look for ways to maximize the space through storage (e.g. floating shelves).

3. Consider Budget

Finally, don’t let your thoughts run away with your budget. Keep a careful eye on the cost of these luxury items. Think about what makes the most sense to add in the renovation phase (for example, adding a soaker tub, changing tile, etc.), and what could easily be added later on (such as swapping out light fixtures, faucets, or framing the mirror).

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