8 New Construction Upgrades That Are Worth the Money

You’ve been waiting a long time to build your dream home. You’ve saved and planned, yet still may not have a budget sufficient to accommodate everything on your wish list. When considering construction upgrades, which ones are worth the money?

Which Construction Upgrades Hold Their Value?

Certain upgrades actually increase the overall value of your home. Additionally, high-quality systems and appliances typically mean less money spent on repairs and monthly bills. Consider investing in the eight following construction upgrades; you’ll enjoy having them in your new home, and they’ll become tangible assets to the overall value of your home.

1. Basement Finishing

Finishing a basement almost always proves a worthwhile investment. Not only is the extra space great for storage, but it is extremely versatile. Since a finished basement is typically considered bonus space, you can make it what you will. Turn your basement into an apartment, a hobby room, a home theater, a playroom, an entertainment center, etc. A finished basement increases the value of your home while simultaneously making life a little better.

2. Better Lighting

If you have ever been in an old house that hasn’t been updated since the Stone Age, you understand the pains of poor lighting. Additional lighting is always worth the investment, especially when energy-efficient bulbs and wiring save you money on a monthly basis. Adjustable lighting provides a great option for preserving energy while still maintaining the option of bright lighting.

3. Energy-Efficient Systems

Your HVAC system, dishwasher, washer, dryer, etc. should all be as energy-efficient as possible. Not only does energy efficiency help the environment, but it saves you money. By cutting down on energy waste, your appliances can do more work with less effort. This cuts down on both repair costs and monthly utility bills.

4. Bigger Garage

Squeezing two vehicles in an average-sized garage is tough enough, but freeing extra storage space? Forget about it. Planning for a bigger garage when you design your home ensures that you have a place to keep large items. As an added bonus, you won’t have to worry about scraping the wall every time you park your car.

5. Dream Kitchen

In many ways, the kitchen is the center of your home. With eating, cooking, cleaning, and entertaining, the time spent there adds up. Invest in your kitchen by including plenty of counter space, beautiful finish materials and flooring, and high-quality appliances.

6. Personal Splurges

Don’t forget that not everything has to be entirely practical. Personal splurges often make a house a home, and when you are building custom, there is nothing to stop you. Add fun touches like a soaking tub, a smart fridge, a beautiful staircase, or a customized hobby room.

7. Built-In Storage

Built-in storage not only helps your home function better, but it also makes the home look more cohesive. Shelves built into walls, a drop-down attic, and closets under stairs, for example, can keep the home looking put-together and help it to function smoothly.

8. High-Quality Flooring

Remember that quality flooring is always worth the investment. Whether you choose carpet, hardwood, laminate, or tile, avoid opting for the cheapest selection available.

Do Construction Upgrades Help Maintain the Value of Your Home?

Generally speaking, most construction upgrades help maintain the overall value of your home. In fact, well-maintained, high-quality upgrades even increase it value, which can make it easier to sell down the line–should you choose to do so. But don’t wait to make upgrades when it’s time to sell your home, do it now for yourself and your family to enjoy while you’re still living in the home!

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