Spring Home Maintenance Checklist – Denver and Northern Colorado


Spring Home Maintenance Checklist - Denver and Northern ColoradoWith spring in full bloom and temperatures rising, homeowners across Denver are getting into spring cleaning mode. Like a car, your home needs regular maintenance and occasional tune-ups to stay in tip-top shape. This spring home maintenance checklist will keep your annual home maintenance on track:



  • Check the home’s foundation walls, floors, concrete, and mason work for cracking, heaving, or deterioration.


  • Clean debris from the gutters, to allow water to drain freely from them.


  • Clean the siding of your home with a pressure washer to keep mold from growing. This is also a good time to carefully inspect all wood surfaces for weathering and paint failure.
  • Touch up peeling or damaged paint.


  • Inspect the caulking on the exterior of the home.


  • Clean the window screens and check them for holes. If you find any, patch them before the warm weather comes so that they can keep bugs out. Tighten loose window frames and repaint them as needed. You should also check the window sills for cracks.
  •  Clean window wells of fall and winter debris.


  • Check the seals on doors.


  • Check for leaves and debris that may have piled up on your roof over the winter. Prevent rot by removing mold, algae, and debris that have accumulated.


  • Check your deck, patio, or porch, as well as stairs and railings, for loose parts and deterioration. Areas that are exposed to the elements year-round typically need to be treated every 4-6 years.


  • Clean garage; degrease the floor.



  • Deep clean. Roll up your sleeves and deep clean appliances, windows, window coverings, lighting, and every crevice and corner. Keeping a clean Denver home and not letting dirt build up will help keep it polished.
  • Check batteries in smoke detectors.
  • Spring is the start of remodeling season. Stay ahead of the game by giving high-traffic spaces–like your kitchen, bathrooms or whole house–a facelift.
  • Check grout in the bathroom and kitchen. Fix the grout where needed—This will extend the life of tiled surfaces and keep them looking new.
  • Check washing machine hose and dryer vent for cracks or compromise

Hot Water Heater

  • Drain water heater.
  • Have a professional do a regular inspection of your hot water heater.


  • Change HVAC filters.
  • Schedule an air conditioner checkup.
  • Clean the area around your AC unit.

The Yard


  • Rake and shred leaves.
  • Take lawnmower for tune-up and sharpen blades.
  • Remove fallen branches and debris from your yard. Trim overgrown bushes and vegetation.


  • Test the sprinkler system.

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