Top 5 Home Design Trends for 2024

When you think of someone or something that’s trendy, the first vision to come to mind is likely not The Construction Industry. (Well—perhaps we could start something with those bright yellow hard-hats? . . .) I digress.

When you’re talking about something as permanent as a home, however, it can be more difficult to stay abreast of trends, as trends are—by nature—capricious and prone to change, whereas houses are, well—houses. It’s not as easy to change a structural component of a home as it is to, say, switch from skinny jeans to wide-leg.

That being said, there are certain identifiable trends we’re seeing more of. Some are simple to incorporate as interior design elements, and others are ones to consider if you’re ready to build your forever home. At Sheffield we work with award-winning architects Godden|Sudik, and take pride in creating and building homes that match our clients’ modern lifestyles.

What’s on the horizon for 2024? Take a peek and see if any of these trends inspire you.

1. Embracing the Warmth of Neutrals

Say farewell to grays and sterile whites. In 2024, an inviting wave of warm neutrals will emerge in custom home design. Delicate beiges, creamy off-whites, and rich earthy browns will provide a comforting base in harmony with our beautiful Colorado surroundings. Rich textures in drapery and upholstery play into the calming ambiance created by the neutral palette.

2. Sustainability Meets Personalization

Today’s homeowners value sustainability as much as a design reflective of their unique taste. In 2024, expect custom home designs to fuse these elements. Think energy-efficient windows, solar arrays, or perhaps reclaimed wood accents to cast your home in Colorado rustic charm. At Sheffield Homes, we’re poised to offer sustainable choices tailored to your lifestyle, making an eco-friendly dream home a possibility.

3. Redefining Outdoor Spaces

If you thought outdoor spaces couldn’t be elegant, 2024 is here to flip that script. We’re seeing a shift towards treating patios and decks as extensions of indoor living spaces, featuring plush furniture, striking fire pits, and outdoor kitchens. It’s time we color our Colorado backyards with the warmth of family gatherings and frequent alfresco dinners. Customized secondary living spaces like this are focal points in new homes.

4. Mixing Metal Finishes

Gone are the days of thinking you can select only one hardware finish for your entire home. Now we’re seeing champagne bronze plumbing fixtures installed alongside matte black cabinet and shower door hardware. A metal light fixture needn’t match the finishes in the room; choose something that stands out and makes a style statement. Look also for powder-coated metals in a rainbow of Pantone hues.

5.  Establishing a Zen Zone

Spa-like primary baths are nothing new, but we see the trend growing with the addition of steam showers, heated tile flooring and towel bars, and back-lit mirrors. Many primary suites are designed with fireplaces, coffee bars, and ensuite seating areas, making them ideal for relaxation and revitalization.

Remember, trends serve as inspiration—a helpful guide when crafting your dream home. But it’s your individual style that truly makes a house a home. Trust Sheffield Homes, your local partner in creating dream homes, to balance innovative trends with your distinct taste and needs. We craft homes which aren’t merely structures, but foundations that hold your life’s wonderful moments. Here’s to crafting exceptional homes in 2024! 


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