A Guide to Organize and Declutter Your Home Room by Room


A Guide to Organize and Declutter Your Home Room by RoomWhy is there never a pen that works in the kitchen junk drawer full of pens? For that matter, where’s the AAA batteries for the Roku remote or the bottle of Advil you swore you just put there last week?! Sheesh–you wouldn’t even have a headache if your life didn’t feel like an episode of Hoarders. Why can’t the Property Brothers just come over and start knocking down walls and give your home a makeover? Wouldn’t that be easier than trying to start where you are?

Actually, organizing your home is a great way to give it a makeover without investing lots of time and money into a remodel. Tackling one area at a time will lessen the overwhelm. Learn the best ways to organize and declutter your home room by room.

How to Declutter One Room at a Time

When organizing your home, it is always best to do it one room at a time. This prevents you from getting distracted or confused and provides you with tangible evidence of progress. As you declutter, sort items into the following 4 piles.

  1. Items that stay in the room you are currently organizing.
  2. Items that belong in a different room, which you will declutter later.
  3. Items you want to keep but don’t know where to put yet.
  4. Trash.

When you declutter, remember that it always get worse before it gets better. We recommend you organize your rooms in the following order.

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Closets
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry Room
  • Storage Room
  • Basement (if applicable)

Easy Ways to Organize

You don’t have to dread organizing and cleaning your home. Make storage easier by applying the following organizational tips.

1. Purge as much as possible.

The biggest problem with a disorganized home is it usually has too much stuff in it. Most homeowners only use a small percentage of the items they own. The first step toward an organized house is to get rid of everything you don’t need. A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in the last year, donate or sell it.

2. Install built-in storage.

If you don’t mind a little remodeling work, consider installing shelving and cabinetry directly into your walls. This is particularly beneficial in bathrooms, kitchens, and walk-in closets.

3. Categorize items into baskets or shelves.

For anything you don’t use regularly, try to organize by category. For instance, you may have one basket with electronic cords and cables and another basket with craft items. Categorization prevents you from losing things.

4. Label storage boxes.

Storage boxes can be helpful, but make sure you are organized with your “out of sight” items as well. Label each box with “fall decorations,” “winter clothes,” etc.

5. Maximize floor space.

Try to keep the bulk of your small items off the floor. Opening up floor space helps your home appear clean, tidy, and organized.

6. Eliminate “junk drawers.”

Every house has one, but nobody likes them. To avoid accumulating too much junk in one drawer, use drawer dividers and organizers.

7. Keep flat surfaces clear.

To maintain an organized appearance, try not to overcrowd dressers, nightstands, tables, and counters. Instead, find a permanent home for every small item you own, and then make an effort to return each item to its home every time you use it.

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