7 Tips For Making a Kid-Friendly Home

If you parent young children, you’ve likely done your fair share of child-proofing their surroundings. A quick search on Amazon yields hundreds of items designed exclusively to keep children away from and protected from anything potentially harmful.

You could, in theory, install child-proof locks on every cupboard, door, and toilet, apply self-adhesive foam strips to edges of all countertops, tables, and stools, and affix silicone bumpers to the corners of all square objects in your home—and, in all likelihood—your child may still manage to suffer a bump or two in the course of their young life. Thankfully, creating a kid-friendly space doesn’t mean you have to live in a silicone-padded, rubber-filled room.

Designing a space with children in mind will guide choices in flooring and finishes, as you’ll likely choose durable and easily maintained ones. Keep the following tips in mind to create a safe, comfortable,  and aesthetically pleasing home.

1. Anti-Tip Furniture

Babies and younger children love to climb and play on furniture, which can cause it to tip over—particularly in carpeted areas. Especially at risk are tall bookcases or large dressers with top-heavy drawers. The safest solution is to secure the furniture to the wall with furniture straps or anchors. Many different types are available, suiting a wide range of applications. While it does mean that you will have to patch a small hole in the drywall, should you choose ever to move that furniture to another location, the peace of mind gained in knowing that it is securely anchored to the wall is well worth the inconvenience.

2. Area Rugs, Carpet Tiles, and Flooring

LVP (luxury vinyl plank) flooring is a no-fail choice for high-traffic areas. With the warm look of wood flooring and a pleasant feel underfoot, LVP is nearly impervious to moisture and scratches. Add area rugs to create softness and a pop of color. Many manufacturers, such as Ruggable, sell machine-washable area rugs in various sizes, styles, and patterns.

Carpet tiles may be another option to consider. FLOR makes carpet tiles that are nothing like the ones you’re thinking of from the 1970s. They’re chic, stylish, and customizable. Best of all, if something spills and stains the carpet, you only need to replace the affected tile instead of the entire area.

3. Baby Gates

A staple of any kid-friendly home, baby gates keep kids (and pets!) inside, out of rooms, and away from stairs. Retractable models are convenient and come in designs that fit well in nearly all types of décor.

4. Kid-Friendly Paint

There’s just something irresistible to kids about using walls as a canvas. Ask any parent whose kids are grown if they’ve ever had to deal with crayons or marker drawings on the walls, and most will have a story or two to share. Fortunately, washable interior paint is available in most colors and finishes, making it a logical choice for use throughout your home. And if you want to encourage your budding artists—how about choosing a wall or two to coat in chalkboard paint?

5. Locks, Latches, and Covers

Locks, latches, and covers are staples of kid-friendly homes. From cabinets to windows, wall sockets to medicine cabinets, they keep curious kids from getting into things that could prove dangerous.

6. Rounded Furniture

Furniture with soft, rounded edges helps minimize bumps, bruises, and cuts from running into sharp edges. If you have a favorite piece of sharp-edged furniture that the kids can access, apply edge protectors and maintain those for a few years until the kids grow older and less accident-prone.

7. Storage Space

A kid-friendly home needs lots of storage space for toys, games, and the like. Consider adding more storage to your home through built-ins or freestanding bookshelves, toy boxes, ottomans, and other furnishings. Place some storage at kid-level to make it easy for little hands to help tidy up, and keep other storage at adult height for items that require greater supervision.

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